3 Benefits Of File System Activity Auditing Software For Your Company

Computers have made doing business much easier for many companies, but storing sensitive data and files on a computer server requires security and monitoring to ensure that it is protected. Many corporate computer systems require that a user has a unique password to access information, but for the highest level of IT security a company has to know what users are doing with the information, not just who is accessing it. [Read More]

4 Minimalist Tips That Will Improve Your Website

These days, at least on the Internet, less truly is more. Minimalist website designs are more popular than ever, as they offer an aesthetically pleasing design and a simple but effective user experience. Nonetheless, many web designers find it difficult to brainstorm ways in which a website can be improved by simplifying design instead of adding to it. If you're struggling in this regard, take a look below at four design concepts that will make your website more minimalist and attract more users. [Read More]