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3 Benefits Of File System Activity Auditing Software For Your Company

Computers have made doing business much easier for many companies, but storing sensitive data and files on a computer server requires security and monitoring to ensure that it is protected. Many corporate computer systems require that a user has a unique password to access information, but for the highest level of IT security a company has to know what users are doing with the information, not just who is accessing it. A simple solution is to install file system activity auditing software, which will monitor your files and data around the clock. There are many benefits to including file system activity auditing software in your IT security protocol, such as:

Real Time Detection of Inappropriate or Suspicious Activity by Authorized Users

When you hire qualified, upstanding employees you can most likely trust them with your company's confidential material if the information is needed in order to complete a job task. But unfortunately there are bad apples in every bunch, and if an unscrupulous employee has access to sensitive data or files, especially if your company is in an industry where critical intellectual property and resources need to be kept secret, the results can be disastrous. File system activity auditing software can protect your data and files from being pirated or modified without authorization by alerting your IT department of suspicious or inappropriate activity by any user who has access to your company's system.

Monitor Changes to Important File Systems

In a large company dozens or even hundreds or thousands of employees may be accessing company data and files each day, so it is important to know when changes are made. File system activity auditing software will monitor when new files are created, and will also note when files are updated, deleted, or modified in any way. Most file system activity auditing software programs will create comprehensive reports that can easily be reviewed by your IT department to ensure that you know that your computer system and all of the information contained in it is secure.

Save Money Over Manual Auditing

It is possible for an IT professional to manually audit file system activity of all users, but this can take a lot of time which can result in your company having to pay overtime or hiring more employees than you really need. Utilizing file system activity auditing software will streamline the process, and allow the professionals in your IT department to attend to other important tasks.

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