3 Questions You Need To Ask Any Potential IT Support Provider

If your company is currently in the market to hire either a new IT support company or hire your first IT support company, you need to ask the right questions to make an informed decision about what company to go with. Here are a few questions that will help you flush out which IT support company will be able to provide you the high quality service you need. Question #1: Do you offer multiple support plans for businesses? [Read More]

3 Tips To Help You Assist The Elderly With Technology Problems

As the world continues to rely more on technology every day, it can be difficult for senior citizens to adapt to the new devices being released into the market today. If you work for a remote tech repair company, you will likely receive calls from elderly clients who need help troubleshooting their electronic devices. Here are three tips you can use to help you assist the elderly in solving their technology problems in the future. [Read More]

3 Reasons Hockey Players Need To Insure Their Cell Phones

Being involved in hockey is a great way to get exercise and learn sportsmanship skills that will benefit you later in life. With 533,172 hockey players registered in the United States during the 2014-2015 season, there is no lack of competition. If you play on a hockey team and keep your cell phone on the bench during games, it's important that you acquire insurance on your phone. Here are three reasons why it could pay off in the future to invest in cell phone or iPhone insurance today. [Read More]

3 Benefits Of File System Activity Auditing Software For Your Company

Computers have made doing business much easier for many companies, but storing sensitive data and files on a computer server requires security and monitoring to ensure that it is protected. Many corporate computer systems require that a user has a unique password to access information, but for the highest level of IT security a company has to know what users are doing with the information, not just who is accessing it. [Read More]