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4 Minimalist Tips That Will Improve Your Website

These days, at least on the Internet, less truly is more. Minimalist website designs are more popular than ever, as they offer an aesthetically pleasing design and a simple but effective user experience. Nonetheless, many web designers find it difficult to brainstorm ways in which a website can be improved by simplifying design instead of adding to it. If you're struggling in this regard, take a look below at four design concepts that will make your website more minimalist and attract more users.


A natural tendency of many web designers and their clients is to cram as much information onto the page as possible. Allowing blank space (or "whitespace" as designers call it) lets objects on the page stand apart from each other, and thus draw more attention to themselves. Resist the urge to fill space with objects that in theory may improve the user experience, but in reality simply complicate it. 


A web design that isn't unified tends to present conflicting messages to the user. In the interest of presenting a unified design and user experience, limit your design to two or three colors and fonts that complement each other. This isn't to say your design should be bland. On the contrary, bold colors and quirky fonts are encouraged. But neither should detract from readability or user navigation. Also, be sure to align all the objects on the page down to the exact pixel to create a more streamlined, simplified look.


One of the most fundamental concepts of web design is that of hierarchy. You want to make sure that, when a user visits your site, they are presented with the most important information first, and then navigate naturally to more specific details. Challenge yourself to present the majority of the site's useful features using as little space as possible on the home page. Eliminate possible distractions, or relocate them away from the central design objects.


Even beyond a minimalist aesthetic, usability should be your primary concern in web design. But that's not to say that minimalism and usability are mutually exclusive. Just remember, when building the foundations for a minimalist website, to include all necessary navigational tools, such as a search box and various buttons that direct the user to previous pages, as well as to the home page. It doesn't matter how attractive your site is if visitors become frustrated trying to use it. 

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