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What Is And Isn't Worth Having Fixed On A Laptop Computer?

Years ago, when laptop computers were newer to the scene, computer experts would often cite the downfall of laptops as being their lack of repair-ability. If a desktop had a problem, it could often be fixed. If a laptop had an issue, that machine was usually dead in the water and not worth fixing. That has changed. Today, laptops are more popular than desktops, and they've also become easier to fix. But not every fix is worth making on a laptop computer. Here are a few repairs that are, and that are not, worth making. Of course, you can always contact a company like Quietech Associates, Inc. and ask for a quote.

Repairs Worth Making

A Faulty Screen

If your screen flickers or does not turn on, you may assume the computer is as good as dead because it needs a whole new screen. But actually, screen problems often come down to one faulty electrical connection between the power source or keyboard, and the screen. Most computer repair companies can make this fix quickly and easily.

Noisy or Bad Fan

Your laptop relies on its fan to stay cool. If the fan is making a lot of noise or is not working at all, your computer repair technician can generally just remove the fan and slip a new one into its place. This will protect your computer from overheating, which is a more serious issue.

Sticking or Non-Operational Keys

If the entire keyboard is not working, you may have a big problem on your hands. But if you just have a broken or non-operational key on your keyboard, that's an issue your computer repair person can fix. They can remove the faulty key and put a new one in its place. Often, all they'll need to do is clean the connection beneath the key.

Repairs Not Worth Making

A "Fried" Computer

If the computer did overheat or had water spilled on it, and now it will not turn on, repairs are going to be expensive. You are probably better off just having a computer repair person recover any necessary files on your hard drive, and then buying a new laptop. 

A Broken Power Cord Port

If your power cord no longer inserts into the port so your laptop can charge, this is an expensive repair to make and often not worth it. Your computer repair tech can remove the hard drive and gather your information, and then you can buy a new laptop computer that charges properly.