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Four Ways That Your Business Can Provide A Better Customer Experience

If you're like most business owners, you already realize the important of implementing effective customer retention strategies as a part of your overall business plan. However, like others, you might be struggling with identifying and cultivating best practices concerning customer retention. The Digital Age has brought about many advantages for modern business owners, but that's come at a bit of a cost -- face-to-face interactions with customers that used to provide a personal touch are becoming increasingly rare. So how do today's business owners and managers stand out from their counterparts in today's digital market? Here are some ideas designed to provide you with inspiration. 

Craft an Interactive Social Media Presence 

People feel more invested in products and services when given the opportunity to engage directly with the business. Instead of setting up social media pages and disabling comments from others, you should enable the ability to add comments as well as encourage active discussion on your page. If you're like most busy business owners, you have very little time for social media. Fortunately, there are professional social media managers who you can hire to take care of this for you. Many people have found their services to be well worth the investment. After all, a neglected social media page creates the impression of a neglected business -- and one that hasn't been updated for several months may make people think that the business has ceased to exist. 

Send Handwritten Notes

Although it isn't possible to send handwritten notes with every order your fulfill in your online retail operations, doing so as often as you can is an excellent customer retention strategy. Although this kind of personal touch used to be a standard business practice, it's gotten lost along the way as we've gone deeper into the Digital Age. An occasional handwritten note with an order has more impact when they involve a business where most or all transactions occur online. 

Improve Employee Morale

Employees who feel positively invested in their jobs provide customers with a better overall customer experience -- and providing good service is still the best way to show customers that you value and appreciate their business. Improving employee morale can be accomplished in a variety of ways, and there aren't any one-size-fits-all strategies. If possible, allow employees the opportunity to craft schedules that work to provide with optimal work/life balances. Engaging in team-building activities, such as adopting a local charity or sponsoring a sports team are other ways to elevate employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Use a Customer Relationship Management System (CRS)

As its name implies, a good CRM system should serve as the backbone of your customer service strategy. These systems make it possible for you to access realtime data, instantly create reports, and share information simultaneously among various departments in your company. CRM software also makes it easy to increase sales by instantly identifying quality leads and providing instant access to existing the purchasing histories and patterns of current customers, which allows you to quickly customize sales strategies for optimal results.

CRM systems can be stored on the cloud or on-premise. Those who opt for the on-premise option enjoy 24-hour access to data even during times when their internet is slow or nonexistent, complete control over the system, and increased confidentiality of sensitive customer information -- which is something that's increasingly valued by modern consumers. Other benefits include customized solutions specific to the individual needs of your business, If you have a fairly large customer database, hosting your own CRM may end up being a less expensive option than opting for a cloud based system.