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How To Test Your Cloud-Based Service

If you have developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) product or some other cloud-based service, then you likely want to start testing it immediately in order to make sure that everything works and that there are no bugs. Here are some tips for thoroughly testing your cloud-based service to ensure that customers get the best experience and product that you can make.

1. Make Sure You Consider Geography When Planning Performance Tests

Your first step is to consider geography when you are planning performance tests. You want to do this because the location of a tester matters when you are trying to send tons of information in a short period of time. The closer a customer is to the data center where your cloud is being hosted, the faster he or she is going to get any data sent. If you don't consider this, then you might get wonky results that could cause you to make unnecessary changes to your code or infrastructure. If your data center is in Houston, Texas, your customers in Australia will get the data and services more slowly than your customers in Canada. 

2. Focus on Testing Elasticity

One of the great things about cloud-based services is that they can often scale up and down easily. You want to be sure that your cloud-based service actually has this advantage. You want to perform several tests where you increase the load and the stress that is put on your servers by spinning up virtual machines or docker containers. Once you have everything going, you can then take the time to address any performance issues that might slow down how quickly you are able to scale up. Also pay close attention to how quickly and easily you are able to return resources when you need to scale back down again. Making changes to how easily you scale down could make scaling up even easier.

3. Use Penetration Testers

Finally, make sure that you are using penetration testers to go through and find any security vulnerabilities in your code. This is important because it will allow you to locate areas where hackers could potentially do damage or steal customer data. You want to avoid this.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in managed cloud services. They will be able to help you get an environment set up that will allow you to test your service to the best of your ability.