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3 Reasons Hockey Players Need To Insure Their Cell Phones

Being involved in hockey is a great way to get exercise and learn sportsmanship skills that will benefit you later in life. With 533,172 hockey players registered in the United States during the 2014-2015 season, there is no lack of competition. If you play on a hockey team and keep your cell phone on the bench during games, it's important that you acquire insurance on your phone.

Here are three reasons why it could pay off in the future to invest in cell phone or iPhone insurance today.

1. Hockey players spend a lot of time traveling to away games.

The average hockey player will spend a significant amount of time on the road traveling with his or her teammates to away games. Although the number of games your team might play during a season can vary, many leagues adhere to NCAA regulations which allow teams to play a total of 34 games during the regular season.

Being away from home means there is an increased possibility that your cell phone will be lost or stolen. By investing in insurance, you will be able to replace a cell phone that goes missing on a road trip without incurring the expense of purchasing a new phone.

2. Stray hockey pucks can cause serious damage.

While you might not take your cell phone out onto the ice during a game, there is always the possibility that a stray puck will find its way into the bench area during a game. These stray pucks are often traveling very quickly. In fact, the fastest slap shot on record sent the puck traveling at 114 miles per hour.

While you might not see any slap shots that intense, if your phone gets hit by a stray hockey puck it could cause the screen to shatter. If you have insurance on your cell phone, you can replace the screen without spending a fortune.

3. Your phone could sustain water damage at a hockey rink.

Carrying your cell phone with you on the bench means you are taking the risk of your phone sustaining water damage. After each period of play, a Zamboni resurfaces the ice to prepare the rink for the next period.

The Zamboni shaves off a thin layer of ice, collects the shavings, and uses jets of water to clean dirt and debris from the grooves in the ice. This water then freezes, creating a smooth surface for players to skate on. If you happen to drop your cell phone before the water has a chance to harden, you could damage your phone. Having insurance will allow you to rest easy knowing that you can replace a water damaged phone quickly.

Playing hockey can be exciting, and documenting your successes on the ice with your cell phone is common. If you plan to take your phone to a hockey game, be sure that you take the time to invest in insurance.